The Teachings of Tenrikyo

A Thing Lent, A Thing Borrowed

All human bodies are things lent by God. With what thought are you using them?

Ofudesaki III:41


So long as you remain unknowing that the body is a thing borrowed, you can understand nothing at all.

Ofudesaki III:137

*The Ofudesaki, The Tip of the Writing Brush, was written by Oyasama Herself and contains 1,711 verses in seventeen parts.

What is a thing lent, a thing borrowed?

We may think that the body we use is our own, but it is taught that God the Parent lends each of us a body and provides for us. From God’s point of view, the body is a thing lent and, from our point of view, it is a thing borrowed. Our body is on loan to us for a purpose: the implementation of the Joyous Life.

Is every single part of us a thing borrowed?

The mind alone is ours, and we are allowed to use our mind freely. Blessings will be given to us in accordance with how we use our mind.

What happens if we use our mind in a way contrary to the intention of God the Parent?

If we use our mind in a way that only benefits us and causes troubles to others, we will not be able to receive God’s blessings fully—a condition that may lead to illness and troubles. However, it should not be seen as a punishment from God; it is guidance from God, who urges us to reflect on the use of our mind and start walking the path toward the Joyous Life.