The Teachings of Tenrikyo

We Are All Brothers and Sisters

To God, who began this world, all of you in the world are equally My beloved children.

Ofudesaki IV:62


Because of My love for all My children, I exhaust My mind in every kind of way.

Ofudesaki IV:63


All of you throughout the world are brothers and sisters. There should be no one called an outsider.

Ofudesaki XIII:43

*The Ofudesaki, The Tip of the Writing Brush, was written by Oyasama Herself and contains 1,711 verses in seventeen parts.

You say that we are all brothers and sisters, but are you talking about all human beings in the world?

Yes. God the Parent created all human beings and has been nurturing all of us with divine providence. God teaches us that there is no one called an outsider, because all human beings in the world are brothers and sisters, who have the same Parent.

Are we really brothers and sisters regardless of our different skin colors, nationalities, or religions?

Yes. All of us human beings were created by God the Parent. We diversified over a long passage of time, evolved to adapt to different environments, and became who we are today. Even though our skin colors, languages, lifestyles, or religions may be different from one another, all human beings are the beloved children of God the Parent. Indeed, we are all brothers and sisters.

Why did God teach us that we are all brothers and sisters?

Over a long span of time after the creation of human beings and the world by God the Parent, humans came to live in different parts of the world and developed their own cultures.
We only know our names, birthdays, and hometowns because our parents told us. In the same way, we only know the truth that all human beings were given life by God in the beginning and have reached the present day because God of Origin revealed it through the mouth of Oyasama, Miki Nakayama.
God the Parent taught that we are all brothers and sisters, who are the equal children of God, because God wanted to convey the desire for us to help and respect one another in our everyday lives.