The Teachings of Tenrikyo


There at the Jiba, I began all the human beings in this world.

Ofudesaki XVII:7


The Jiba in Nihon is the native place of all people in the world.

Ofudesaki XVII:8


Because the one truth exists at the Jiba, peace will reign in the world. The Jiba exists, therefore peace will reign in the world.

Osashizu, July 2, 1888

*The Ofudesaki, The Tip of the Writing Brush, was written by Oyasama Herself and contains 1,711 verses in seventeen parts.
*The Osashizu (the Divine Directions) is a set of written records of the teachings spoken by Oyasama and the Honseki.

What is Jiba?

Oyasama taught that Jiba is the place where human beings were first conceived and that God the Parent, who is the Parent of all human beings, resides at Jiba, which is the home for all humankind. Therefore, Jiba is called the Home of the Parent, and visiting Jiba is referred to as returning to Jiba. Those who return to Jiba will be welcomed with the words “Welcome back to Jiba!”

Where is Jiba located?

Jiba is located at the center of the Main Sanctuary of Tenrikyo Church Headquarters in Tenri, Nara, Japan. At Jiba, the Kanrodai, the stand for the heavenly dew, is placed as proof of human conception. The Kanrodai is also the focal point for worship.