The Teachings of Tenrikyo


If you wish to know and will come to Me, I shall teach you the original cause of all things.

Ofudesaki I:6


People come to Me from whatever places. It is because they all are of the original causality.

Ofudesaki IV:54

*The Ofudesaki, The Tip of the Writing Brush, was written by Oyasama Herself and contains 1,711 verses in seventeen parts.

What is causality?

Causality refers to a cause and effect relationship. It is worth noting that Tenrikyo uses the term “causality of origin” and teaches that, in the beginning, God the Parent created human beings at Jiba of Origin in order to see us live the Joyous Life and to share in it. Because of this causality of origin, God the Parent has nurtured and protected us for a long passage of time and will continue to provide for us in the future. God’s intention at the time of creation and the causality of origin tell us that the goal of human existence is the realization of the Joyous Life.

Is there a different type of causality other than the causality of origin?

Yes. We are taught that, as our souls are everliving, we will continue to live in this world by experiencing births and rebirths. We may pass away for rebirth before sweeping away all the dusts that we have accumulated in this life. In that case, the dusts will be carried over to our next life as causalities, which will be referred to as the causality from our previous lives. It is important for us to perceive the causality from our previous lives through pondering over whatever is happening in our lives and live joyously while being grateful for the parental love of God the Parent, who seeks to guide all human beings to the Joyous Life.