The Teachings of Tenrikyo

God the Parent, Tenri-O-no-Mikoto

I am God of Origin, who began the human beings of this world.
Yet there may be no one who knows Me.

Ofudesaki III:15


The true Parent of this universe is Tsukihi.
It is I who protect you in everything.

Ofudesaki VI:102


Of whatever salvation, you are assured, because your true Parent lives.

Ofudesaki VII:101

*The Ofudesaki, The Tip of the Writing Brush, was written by Oyasama Herself and contains 1,711 verses in seventeen parts.

What is the name of god you worship in Tenrikyo?

God as worshiped in Tenrikyo is called “Tenri-O-no-Mikoto.” The name means “God who governs all with the truth of heaven.” As God is the Parent who created all of us human beings in the world and who has provided for us ever since the creation, we also call God “God the Parent” with a sense of intimacy. Other terms used to refer to God the Parent include “Tsukihi (Moon-Sun)” and “the Parent.”

What kind of god is God the Parent?

God the Parent created this world and human beings in order to see us live the Joyous Life and to share in it. God the Parent provides the workings for everything in this world and maintains a balance for them including the workings of fire, water, and wind in the world, and warmth, moisture, and breath in human bodies. These workings are explained in the teaching of the ten aspects of God’s complete providence.
Tenrikyo started on October 26, 1838, after God the Parent declared through Oyasama, whose name is Miki Nakayama, that God descended to save all people in the world equally.

What do you pray to God the Parent for?

God the Parent created humankind and the world with the desire to see all human beings live the Joyous Life while helping and respecting one another. Therefore, we will be living up to the expectations of God the Parent if we pray not only for the salvation of ourselves, our families, and those around us, but also for the settlement of problems happening around the world. Marvelous blessings will be shown when we pray for the realization of the Joyous Life for all people in the world and respect and help one another as brothers and sisters regardless of differences in language or culture.