The Teachings of Tenrikyo

The Joyous Life

Firmly replace the mind you have had until now and become of the mind filled with joy.

Ofudesaki XI:53


The reason Tsukihi began human beings was the desire to see you lead a joyous life.

Ofudesaki XIV:25


Only when your joy brings joy to others, can it be called true joy. If you enjoy yourselves while causing others to suffer, this cannot be called true joy.

Osashizu, December 11, 1897

*The Ofudesaki, The Tip of the Writing Brush, was written by Oyasama Herself and contains 1,711 verses in seventeen parts.
*The Osashizu (the Divine Directions) is a set of written records of the teachings spoken by Oyasama and the Honseki.

What is the Joyous Life?

The Joyous Life is a state of the world where all of us human beings respect and help one another in our lives while being grateful for God’s blessings in nature that protect and nurture us and vividly feeling the joy of being kept alive by the blessings.

How can we achieve the Joyous Life?

God the Parent taught through Oyasama the method of salvation that leads to the Joyous Life, which is the purpose of human creation. The method comprises the Service and the Sazuke. The way of living we call the Joyous Life, which is so desired by God the Parent, will spread throughout the world as many followers reach out to those who have difficulties and troubles and try to help save them through the performance of the service and the Sazuke.

There are many sad and devastating events happening in the world. Can we still achieve the Joyous Life?

All events that happen in our lives—no matter how difficult or tormenting, whether they be illness or problems—reflect the intention of God the Parent, who desires to lead us to the Joyous Life. Tenrikyo teaches that blessings will be given in accordance with how we use our mind. Thus, what is important is to reflect upon how we have used our mind up until now through whatever occurs in our lives and try to correct the use of our mind in light of the teachings. In any situation, we can open up the path toward the Joyous Life by working with our mind.