Always with You


Oyasama said in a Divine Direction:

“I am still living here. I have not gone anywhere, not gone anywhere.”

Imagine an old man who lost his fortune in a business failure long ago, was preceded in death by his entire family, and now lives alone in a humble house. You would expect him to be often depressed by the thought “My life has been a series of misfortunes” and occasionally assailed by the fear and loneliness of old age.

Yet he does not lament his fate; nor has he let it sour his outlook on life. He lives with peaceful honesty. Simply being alive is enough to make him happy and joyful. Others find something indescribably endearing about him.

The secret to his serene happiness is that he always feels Oyasama’s warm gaze on him, no matter where he is. He shares his thoughts and feelings with Her and offers prayers of gratitude to Her every day.

He knows that he is not alone, for there is someone who listens to him, someone to whom he can confide all his joys and sorrows. He feels intimately connected to the universe.

This is the source of his profound peace of mind.

In fact, Oyasama is always there for all of us and always ready to listen to us whenever we want to unburden our hearts. We can rest assured that we are fully protected by an all-encompassing power.

Realizing this can be profoundly liberating for countless people. It may heal their hearts of fears and anxieties and help their faces to break into gentle smiles as an enveloping sense of peace comes over them.

How reassuring it is that Oyasama is everliving and is always there for us! Indeed, we can find hope in any situation that arises.

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