Oyasama once told a follower who had arrived at the Residence after a difficult journey through heavy snow:

“Oh, I am so glad to see you have come. God the Parent lent a hand to bring you home. You had a hard time, slipping at many places. However, you were joyful. Sah, sah, God the Parent accepts fully, fully. Whatever you ask, it is accepted. God protects you. Enjoy it, enjoy it, enjoy it!”

Let us imagine a scene from the past when Oyasama was physically present—a scene where someone is struggling with his illness as well as a difficult and delicate problem he cannot confide to anyone else. He spends many sleepless nights worrying. He is now at his wits’ end.

One day he happens to hear rumors about a god in Yamato—called “Oyasama”—who can save anyone from anything. A faint ray of hope now illuminates the darkness of his mind. “I must see Her,” he says to himself, feeling that this god is his only hope. He sets out on a journey, which may prove difficult and risky. There are no cars or trains, needless to say. Walking is the only way, and it will take several days to reach Yamato Province.

He can only think of Oyasama as he presses on up a steep hill, along a cliff path, across rivers with no bridges, and through trackless forests. As the weather turns atrocious, he carefully treads a narrow path. Looking pale and exhausted, he trudges on.

At last, he arrives at the Residence, where Oyasama welcomes him with open arms and a warm smile. “Welcome home,” She says. “I have been waiting for you. Your true sincerity has been accepted. You will be saved.” She embraces him warmly.

Oyasama’s gentle, radiant smile and warm hands convince him that, even if the whole world turns against him, Oyasama will always be on his side and that She understands everything he goes through.

He experiences overwhelming joy and elation. The next thing he knows is that he is healed both physically and emotionally. He feels, “So long as Oyasama is with me, I can go through any situation.”

In fact, there were many who had experiences similar to what our imaginary scene depicts and were thereby able to overcome the challenges they had faced.

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