Remote Beginnings


Oyasama once said:

“I wish to teach the world of things not to be found in learning, ancient things extending over nine hundred million and ninety-six thousand years.”

After working long overtime hours, you cannot put work out of your mind as you trudge wearily home. “Was I born to live this way?” You feel sorry for yourself as your spirits sink further.

For no apparent reason, you stop and look up at the night sky. You notice a bright moon in the crisp sky, as the boundless and eternal universe opens up above your head. In the deep, fathomless darkness, you see countless twinkling stars, whose light comes from tens of thousands of light years away. The Milky Way stretches across the sky. You find yourself enjoying a fine panorama.

Suddenly, you are taken on a journey through time—back to the far-distant beginnings of the universe.

The sky serves as the screen on which a magnificent drama of the birth of life and the world is played out. It involves the dazzling workings of God, the Parent of humankind. You are reminded of what a miracle it is that you are alive here now.

At that instant, your mind’s reset device snaps into action!

The voice of life in the inner recesses of your being starts singing a song of joy. The beauty of the universe captivates your heart. You start to feel unconditional, overwhelming love for all living beings and things.

Before you know it, your heart is praying not just for your family and friends but also for all people throughout the world.

Suddenly, you feel someone’s warm gaze on you. It is Oyasama’s gaze. Dressed in red and with Her hair done in a tea-whisk style, Oyasama is smiling at you and telling the Story of Creation to you, sounding as if She were singing a song.

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