Experience of Being Saved


Oyasama once said:

“Earnestly tell others how you were saved.”

“I would like to share my experience of being saved,” says Mr. H. “When I first received my diagnosis, it almost drove me to despair. I shuddered at the thought that I might die.

“Then it occurred to me that, before being born, I had not existed as the person that I was. This meant that I had previous experience of not existing in this world. Dying would simply mean returning to the way I was before being born. Just as I was born without worrying about anything, so I must be able to die with no worries. God the Parent would surely take care of everything for me.

“After all, everyone will die sooner or later. Plants that sprout and grow will eventually wither and die; this is quite natural. It gave me a sense of relief to know that dying is a natural process, to which we do not need to have an aversion. There is no reason to hide from death or ignore or fear it. The scales fell from my eyes, allowing my horizons to suddenly broaden.

“Looking back on my life, I realized that, although I had been through some hard times, I had also enjoyed wonderful times—such as when I had been absorbed in something to the point of forgetting about time, when I had been so delighted and happy as to dance with joy, when I had felt an intense sense of fulfillment and satisfaction, when my friends and I had laughed so hard we almost cried, and when people’s genuine care and sincerity had touched me profoundly. There had been so many memorable moments and encounters. ‘It has been a great life,’ I felt, as a wave of gratitude washed over me. ‘If it is my time to die, I would like to go happily and cheerfully.’ I put my hands together in prayer.

“During the period before and after my surgery, I was fortunate enough to have the Sazuke administered to me every day. ‘Have I ever had so many people pray for me before?’ I wondered. When I closed my eyes, I saw Oyasama in front of me with a beaming smile that embraced me. Every time the Sazuke was administered to me, I felt Her gently stroking the afflicted part of my body. Tears filled my eyes as indescribable, soothing warmth permeated my whole being.

“The fact that I can share my experience with you as I have done is due to Oyasama. I am filled with gratitude for the loving care I received through the illness.”

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