Buds Sprout from Knots


Oyasama often said:

“Buds sprout from knots.”

There are times when things go so wrong that we feel at a loss as to what to do next.

At such times, we begin to see who we really are. For example, we might realize that we were arrogant enough to believe that we had all the answers and to look down on others. We might notice how weak we actually are or how devious or pathetic we can be. When going through a tough time, we have an opportunity to come face to face with ourselves, really getting to know ourselves. Difficulties help cleanse our mind.

Knowing that we are weak gives us strength. Once we see ourselves as we really are, we do not fall further down. We only fall when we lose touch with ourselves and become blind to the world around us.

When something happens that is hard and painful to go through, there is nothing wrong with struggling emotionally or physically. We would do well to fully experience the impact of the event. Everything we encounter in life is allowed by God to happen for a reason. The difficult experiences we have will not be wasted as they give us emotional and spiritual nourishment and strength that will support us in our lives. Ultimately, it is God the Parent who provides knots of difficulties for us to work through and then helps us deal with them as well as enables fine buds to sprout from them.

When faced with a crisis, we summon up the kind of strength that we never imagined we possessed. Even if we seem vulnerable in some respects, we can turn out to be much stronger than expected. We should not be vain about our abilities, but we are not weak enough to have to despair. God has endowed us with sufficient strength to withstand and overcome difficult, challenging situations. Just when it looks as though we might be crushed by life’s troubles, our life-energy enables us to bounce back.

When encountering a difficulty, some people often feel discouraged, perceiving it as another burden on them. Yet we all have the capacity to rise to the occasion. We can see the difficulty as a welcome challenge—as a knot from which new buds can sprout.

Even after being backed into a corner, we can stay connected to Oyasama and summon the strength to stand up. Difficulties help us break through our imagined limitations as the sincerity that we exert to deal with them takes us to higher levels of personal growth.

Oyasama went through any and all situations joyously and in high spirits, saying, “Buds sprout from knots,” thereby demonstrating the Divine Model. When a crucial moment is at hand for us, She will certainly be there to help, support, and encourage us.

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