Besseki Lecture

God the Parent, who became revealed through Oyasama, has always sought to actualize the Joyous Life World for all humanity even a moment sooner by imparting God’s intention to as many people as possible. To accomplish this undertaking, however, God desires many Yoboku–“timber” for the building of the Joyous Life World–who understand God’s intention and work as the instruments of God the Parent and Oyasama.

The purpose of attending the Besseki lectures is to attain spiritual rebirth as Yoboku. The Besseki, therefore, is an extremely important lecture.
Rebirth here refers to transformation from a point of view that desires one’s own salvation to the point of view that desires the salvation of others. Happiness as enjoyed without caring about others is, in fact, like an illusion, which is devoid of reality. Only when one’s happiness brings happiness to others, can it be true happiness.

An important aspect of attending a series of Besseki lectures is that, with each lecture attended, we should progress further in our spiritual growth so as to move from the perspective of a child, who wants others to do things for him or her, to the perspective of the “parental heart,” which showers all people with love in the manner that a parent loves her children.