Spiritual Development Course

Shuyoka provides an opportunity to learn the teachings of God the Parent and savor the joy of faith by putting them into practice at the Home of the Parent. This is a three-month retreat, which commences at the beginning of each month. Anyone who is seventeen years of age or older and who has the wish and resolve to seek faith is eligible for admission to Shuyoka. While in Shuyoka, the students attend the Besseki and receive the truth of the Sazuke, thus preparing to begin a new life as Yoboku.

Every month, 1,000 to 2,000 people are admitted to Shuyoka. The combined number of students in the three Shuyoka sessions at a given time may reach 6,000. While Shuyoka students include elderly people, some of whom are almost ninety, fifty percent are in their teens or twenties, the average age being thirty-seven to thirty-eight.

Shuyoka students live together at their respective followers dormitories. They go to class during the day and apply themselves to practice at their dormitories in the evening. The day starts with the morning service. Shuyoka includes courses in The Doctrine of Tenrikyo, The Life of Oyasama, the Dance and Musical Instruments for the Service, as well as the practice of hinokishin and spreading the teachings.

In Shuyoka, people of all ages, of all walks of life, and from all backgrounds, including many who are suffering from physical problems, learn the teachings together and dedicate themselves in efforts of hinokishin together, helping and giving encouragement to one another. The spiritual community facilitates this.

In the course of Shuyoka, those who were troubled by personal problems are able to purify their mind and make their mind like clear water, thereby regaining freshness and spiritedness, and those who were beset by physical problems regain their health and strength. They now go home, their faces gleaming with joy, and might even encourage others to return to Jiba as Shuyoka students.

Shuyoka course in foreign languages are also available.