Sazuke,the Divine Grant

The Truth of the Sazuke is bestowed by Oyasama as a means of salvation from illness. When we administer the Sazuke to those who are ill, God the Parent’s miraculous blessing of a cure can be shown. The truth of the Sazuke is not in conflict with medical science. Medicine heals the superficial symptoms of illness, while the truth of the Sazuke is focused on cutting off the root of illness. Since illness has its root in the way we use our minds, salvation from illness requires us to correct the way we use our minds.

The obstacle preventing us from leading the Joyous Life, which is our true and original state, is none other than the self-centered ways we use our minds. Through our encounters with illness, therefore, God the Parent alerts us to our mistaken use of mind and teaches us how to correct it. When the Sazuke is administered to those who are suffering from illness, they have an opportunity to become aware of God the Parent’s blessings, correct their self-centered use of mind, and make a commitment to returning to their true and original state, whereby they will assuredly receive the blessing of good health.

In order to receive the truth of the Sazuke, we must attend nine Besseki lectures, which set forth the teachings of God the Parent. In the course of attending the nine Besseki lectures, we are to correct our self-centered use of mind and try to understand the teachings clearly. Upon completion of the nine lectures, we may receive the truth of the Sazuke by virtue of the mind of sincerity, the mind that has been purified completely. By receiving the truth of the Sazuke, we become Yoboku–Oyasama’s instruments for world salvation.