Joyous acceptance(Tanno)

On the way to the Joyous Life, we encounter a variety of occurrences, including those in which we might not be able to rejoice. Joyous acceptance (Tanno) has been taught to help us settle the mind especially when we feel dissatisfied, for instance, because of illness or troubles.

Joyous acceptance has nothing to do with putting up with something one dislikes or resigning oneself to a situation one finds unpleasant. Rather, it refers to a mode of mind that clearly and directly perceives what is happening at the present moment and accepts it with simplicity, without judging it.

More concretely, the following may help our mind settle into joyous acceptance of the present moment.

_1. Think of the hardships Oyasama underwent in demonstrating the Divine Model for us, and be thankful for Her parental love. Then, see if you can accept the present moment joyously.
_2. Try to understand that the body is something borrowed, and be thankful that you are blessed with sufficiency in everything. Now see if you can accept the present moment joyously.
_3. Compare your present state of good health with the times when you were suffering from illness, and be thankful for how you are now. See if you can accept the present moment joyously.
_4. Difficulties you encounter today are opportunities for growing fuller.

Awaken to the possibilities therein to transform radically the climate in which you live. Now see if you can accept the present moment joyously.
Joyous acceptance means:

_1. To be free from dissatisfaction. God the Parent says, “Dissatisfaction is the truth that separates, joyous acceptance is the truth that connects.”
_2. To let go of worries (e.g., worries about the future). God the Parent says, “You cannot accept the present moment joyously if your mind is unsettled.”
_3. To sweep away the dust of the mind, making the mind like clear water. God the Parent says, “Joyous acceptance is the truth of the renewed mind.”