The workings of our mind produce their results in various forms in our lives. This relationship between the mind’s workings and their manifestations is referred to as “causality.”

To people who are using the mind and body for the sake of others and society, more and more situations will arise that are conducive to their return to their true and original state. All people, incidentally, have the capacity to return to their original state and to live it in the present. Such, in fact, is the “Original Causality,” which involves God’s original intention and all human beings.

But, we use the mind in all sorts of ways, thereby sowing various kinds of causal seeds, as it were. Good seeds will produce good fruits, and bad ones bad fruits.

Needless to say, seeds do not always sprout soon after being sown. In some cases the seed sprouts in one’s lifetime. In other cases the seed sprouts only after many generations have passed. One can, upon quiet reflection, discern the reasons for the appearance of causality if it is a result of one’s own conduct. In the case of causality from a previous life or lives, however, one must first reflect on one’s own past and then on the lives of one’s forebears. If we continue to seek answers in this way, we shall come to an understanding of our causality. This understanding is called “the self-awareness of one’s causality.”

The reason God the Parent shows us our causality in various ways is to have us replace our minds and become spirited so that we can live the Joyous Life. This is from God’s parental love. It is never from any intention to torment us or to cause us suffering. God the Parent teaches that buds sprout from knots–“knots” being a metaphor for difficulties or hindrances we encounter–and that illness and troubles add an extra touch of beauty to the path. It is important, therefore, to let go of our worries and skepticism, trusting completely in God’s boundless parental love. If we thus keep our minds settled, everything will be restored to the original cause of the Joyous Life. We shall receive the unlimited blessings of God the Parent in full, our minds becoming brighter and our spirits ever higher.