In the course of our daily lives, we have a tendency to use our minds in ways that are self-centered, yet rarely are we aware of it. These self-centered uses of mind affect our interpersonal relationships adversely and bring disorder into society. Unless we change the way we use our minds, the state of the world will forever be a far cry from the life of joy that is intended.

Since we human beings are meant to lead our lives in harmony by helping one another as true brothers and sisters, God the Parent tries to awaken us to that natural state by giving us guidance, just as most parents do when they see their children following a dangerous course of action. God the Parent’s guidance can take the form of various problems including illness. Such guidance is not to be understood as punishment designed to make us suffer. Quite to the contrary, it is to be perceived as loving guidance provided by our Parent, who desires only our happiness. Understood in this way, we will not bemoan the adversity and hardships we encounter in our lives, but rather take advantage of them to awaken to our true and original state and, thereby, use our mind and body in a manner that is conducive to realizing the Joyous Life. In this sense, divine guidance is the means through which God the Parent corrects our mistaken use of mind and is, therefore, God the Parent’s blessing.