Story of Creation

In Tenrikyo there is a story of human creation, called the “Story of the Beginnings of Origin.” It tells about how human beings and the world originated and developed. It purports to be a story about the remote past, yet God the Parent’s intention and arrangements for creation being described therein has important meaning for all of us. If we are to live in a manner that reflects our true and original state while helping one another as brothers and sisters, then we need to awaken to the truth embodied in this story of creation.

This story starts by saying, “In the beginning, the world was a muddy ocean.” Finding that condition tasteless, God the Parent thought of creating us human beings so that, by seeing our Joyous Life, God might share in that joy. The whole creation originated from that thought. When creating human beings and the world, God began by drawing forth what were to become models and instruments, and their joined efforts allowed human creation to commence. Human beings, thus created, have thereafter been nurtured by God the Parent while undergoing many rebirths over an extremely long time. The formation of land and sea, heaven and earth, and the entire universe progressed in pace with human development.

From this story, we can learn:
the reason why God the Parent appeared, settling Oyasama as the Shrine;
that the Jiba is the home of all humanity;
that we human beings are equally the children of God the Parent;
that we are all brothers and sisters;
that we are given life through God’s complete providence;
that the purpose of human existence is to lead the Joyous Life;
that nature is not there to be conquered by humankind, but rather both are to exist together.