Main Sanctuary

The Kanrodai is set up in the center of the Inner Sanctuary, which is within the Main Sanctuary, as proof of human conception. Besides marking the place where God the Parent resides, the Kanrodai serves as a focal point for worship for the followers. There are four worship halls surrounding theKanrodai so that people can worship from the four directions. The Main Sanctuary is open to worshipers twenty-four hours a day all the year round.

The morning and evening services take place every day and, on the 26th of each month, the Kagura Service, Tenrikyo’s most important rite, is performed, drawing large numbers of followers.


New Year’s Day Service: January 1. Performed to give thanks and pray for God’s blessings.

Spring Grand Service: January 26. Commemorates the day when Oyasama withdrew from physical life.

Oyasama Birth Celebration Service: April 18. Celebrates the day when Oyasama was born.

Autumn Grand Service: October 26. Commemorates the day when the Teaching was founded.

Monthly Service: 26th of each month except January and October.