Foundress' Sanctuary

Though hidden from our sight, Oyasama continues to watch over us night and day. The Foundress’ Sanctuary is where Oyasama lives and works.
There, the truth of the Sazuke, the Divine Grant, is bestowed by Oyasama through the Shinbashira (spiritual and administrative leader of Tenrikyo). The Grant of Safe Childbirth and the Amulet are also given there.

THE AMULET can be received only by returning to Jiba and is, therefore, also called the “Proof Amulet,” proving that the bearer has returned to Jiba. The Amulet is a piece of red cloth that was part of the clothing worn by Oyasama. It is important to wear it at all times as a reminder to protect the mind from straying from the truth of Oyasama’s teachings. Then, the body will be protected, with a great misfortune turned into a small misfortune and a small misfortune into no misfortune at all.

THE GRANT OF SAFE CHILDBIRTH is bestowed from the Jiba. Both conception and delivery are entirely due to the blessing of God the Parent. It is essential to trust completely in this blessing and remain free of worries during pregnancy. When the Grant of Safe Childbirth is bestowed, the recipient receives sacred rice in three packets, and each portion is to be consumed with gratitude in her heart. This Grant may be received by anyone who is at least six months pregnant.