Oyasama, the Foundress of Tenrikyo

The path to the Joyous Life originated with Oyasama, whose name is Miki Nakayama. She was settled as the Shrine of God the Parent at the age of forty-one and spent the subsequent fifty years conveying the teachings in their entirety and providing guidance for people. Let’s look at Oyasama in Her three aspects.

The Shrine of Tsukihi
God the Parent became openly revealed on October 26, 1838, through Oyasama as the Shrine of Tsukihi in order to save all people in the world. The “Shrine of Tsukihi” means that Oyasama’s mind had been replaced by that of God the Parent, though outwardly She was still human. Oyasama taught the intention of God the Parent by Her spoken word and written word and by demonstrating it in Her life.

The Parent of the Divine Model
Through easily understandable instructions and Her own examples, Oyasama showed a model of how to lead the Joyous Life depending solely on the state of the mind no matter what situations or circumstances one might find oneself in. The fifty years of Her life during which She demonstrated the teachings constitute a precious model for us to follow.

The Truth of the Everliving Oyasama
Though having withdrawn from our sight, Oyasama remains at the Jiba and, as ever before, continues to lavish Her boundless parental love on all people in the world as the Mother of all humanity.