God the Parent

We refer to God the Parent as Tenri-O-no-Mikoto. God the Parent is God of Origin, God in Truth. “God of Origin” means that “God” refers to the Origin from which humankind and the world emanated–the giver of life for the whole of creation including humanity. “God in Truth” indicates that “God” refers to Reality, apart from which nothing exists and which is therefore present within human bodies also. Thus God provides for all. Indeed, God is the Parent who gave birth to us and who sustains and nurtures us.

God the Parent’s creation of the world was not something off the top of God’s head but was based on a reason that is consistent through eternity. We might call it the Truth of Heaven. It is the foundation of the way things are. There is nothing in the entire universe that does not embody the Truth of Heaven.

God the Parent taught us the Truth of Heaven and the path to the Joyous Life by becoming openly revealed through Oyasama, taking Her as the Shrine of God.

The Ofudesaki, The Tip of the Writing Brush, refers to God the Parent variously as “God,” “Tsukihi, Moon-Sun,” and “Parent” to facilitate our understanding of God.

While the word “God” served to familiarize the early followers with what was being taught, the Scripture went on to indicate that it did not refer to the common “god” of tradition in whom people believed but to God of Origin, God in Truth.

The Scripture also uses the expression “Tsukihi, Moon-Sun” to indicate the way God works night and day, impartially nurturing all creation with free and unlimited workings. Further, the word “Parent” suggests that God’s love for us is like the love with which human parents tenderly care for their children.