Unity of Minds (Itte hitotsu)

by Yoshikazu Fukaya

God the Parent is longing for us to bind ourselves together as one and work toward a shared goal with our minds united in the desire to attain it.

In a Divine Direction, we read,

If you bind yourselves together in a unity of minds, I shall provide any blessings for you.

Osashizu, January 19, 1898

The same Scripture also tells us, in paraphrase:

If you unite your efforts, you can move anything freely. Perfect freedom comes from uniting your minds as one. The freedom cannot be achieved if one of you is working hard and the others are not.

Osashizu, June 18, 1892

You must join hands together. If your unity crumbles, fire, wind, and water could enter through the gap, which may lead to dreadful consequences. Yet, if you firmly bind yourselves together in true sincerity, there is nothing to fear in any situation you find yourselves in.

Osashizu, December 19, 1891

"Unity of minds" does not refer to a state in which everyone does the same thing, nor does it cause us to lose our independence or individuality. We are born with different minds. We are endowed with our varied characteristics, personalities, and innate abilities. Likewise, our roles, backgrounds, environments, and capacities are different. We are different in so many ways. Yet, we can bring our minds into unity with the intention of God the Parent--or unite our minds for a shared goal--and let our unity of minds help us as we strive to our utmost to fulfill our respective positions and roles while making full use of our own innate abilities. Such is the attitude of "unity of minds."

The way in which the eight instruments of creation--each referring to an aspect of God the Parent's providence and identified by a sacred name--worked together to enable human beings to be created clearly illustrates the principle of "unity of minds." It is also safe to say that the performance of the Kagura Service--in which ten Service performers represent the ten different aspects of the complete providence of God--provides the ultimate model of "unity of minds."