The Path of Natural Spontaneity /
The Natural and Spontaneous Path
(Tennen Shizen no Michi)

by Yoshikazu Fukaya

We often say, "This path (Tenrikyo) is the natural and spontaneous path."

There is an appropriate season to sow seeds for any crop. Further, fruits do not develop immediately after the seed is sown. The harvest season will come around in due course but, in the meantime, we need to give our attentive care to the crop by tending to it or applying fertilizer when it is required. The growth of crops is natural and spontaneous. It is a process that cannot be artificially hastened by human expediency or intentions. Recently, advancements in intensive agriculture have made the cultivation of agricultural crops such as vegetables and strawberries relatively easy. However, this method cannot disregard the laws of nature, but rather merely skillfully incorporates and harnesses the laws of nature. Also, intensive agriculture has its limits, for it must be said that crops grown naturally in their specified season taste the best.

God the Parent instructs as follows:

What is natural and spontaneous will not come to be through so-and-so doing this or another so-and-so trying to do that. Coming to be by and of itself is the truth of natural spontaneity. Trying to force something with money or smarts would not be natural spontaneity. What makes the world marvel and wonder--which provides a convincing insight no matter what angle it is viewed from--represents a truth that comes to be naturally and spontaneously. . . . Things will not come to be even if you try to hasten them, and they will come to be even if you try to prevent them happening: such is the path of natural spontaneity.

Osashizu, May 31, 1900

The natural and spontaneous path is a long path. It is a path that takes years to follow. Undoubtedly, various happenings will come up along the way. It is important to follow this path while leaning on God the Parent without being swayed by short-term matters as well as believing that flowers will bloom and fruits will grow. There are knots on the path of nature. Buds sprout precisely because of these knots. Although we may try, it is impossible to jump past these knots or to take a shortcut. It is vital to address and overcome each knot one by one, using each as a stepping stone to the next.

God the Parent also teaches us:

Single-hearted salvation comes from the path of natural spontaneity. On the path of natural spontaneity, it will not do to care only about your family or yourself. The path of natural spontaneity is called natural spontaneity because it is to be followed at length. Following the path of natural spontaneity entails going through a path of hardship, so I speak of the delight that lies ahead.

Osashizu, August 17, 1888

As we embark on the path of single-hearted salvation, there are sure to be times when we perceive it as a path of adversity and obstacles. There may be days when our determination weakens as we think about ourselves and our families. However, God the Parent encourages us to cast away our worries and resolve our minds to follow the path regardless of what situation we may face.

We are also taught:

If the principle of what is natural and spontaneous is settled, God will take you by the hand and lead you through any situation, no matter how dangerous or frightening it may be. It is the same as taking a rope from heaven with you.

Osashizu, February 11, 1900