The Sazuke, the Divine Grant

by Yoshikazu Fukaya

When we settle the intention of God the Parent in our minds and live the mind of true sincerity, God the Parent accepts this mind and bestows the Sazuke, the Divine Grant.

The Sazuke is a precious grant with no equal anywhere in the world, as it is bestowed by God the Parent out of the profound parental love that desires to save any sufferer from any kind of illness. When a Yoboku--one has been granted the Sazuke--administers it with utmost sincerity to people suffering from illness, God the Parent will relieve any pain or suffering they have.

It goes without saying that Yoboku do not have the power to heal illness. It is in response to their mind of true sincerity in desiring to have others saved that God the Parent works. The Sazuke has nothing in common with magic or incantation. When administering the Sazuke, a Yoboku is to convey the parental love of Oyasama, who would do everything in Her power to save people. Even when nothing else could be done, She would soothe their suffering by gently stroking. Before administering the Sazuke, it is important to explain God the Parent's intention to the recipient in order that his or her mind may change so as to accord as closely as possible with the divine intention. Then God will accept both the mind of the patient and the true sincerity of the Yoboku who administers the Sazuke and respond accordingly--any illness may be cured depending only on their minds.

In the early days, the Sazuke was bestowed on those Oyasama had drawn to Jiba by giving them signs in the form of illness and other troubles after She had recognized their minds' sincerity in wishing to serve the cause of the path wholeheartedly. Later, however, increasing numbers of people began to apply for the Sazuke. Since some among them had yet to settle the teachings firmly in their minds, a Divine Direction demanded that they be fully instructed in the teachings. The truth of the Sazuke was thereafter bestowed on those who had listened to the teachings and settled their truth fully in their minds. Such were the beginnings of the Besseki lectures.

Today, the Sazuke is granted, as a rule, to those who apply for it after attending nine Besseki lectures. Yet the Sazuke is bestowed only in response to the mind of true sincerity, and attending the Besseki lectures should never be interpreted as a mere formality to go through in order to receive the Sazuke. It is of primary importance to understand the teachings fully and to cultivate and develop the mind of true sincerity. If our mind is not in accord with the will of God the Parent, we may even lose the truth of the Sazuke as soon as we have received it.