Hatred (Nikui)

by Yoshikazu Fukaya

God the Parent's intention in creating humankind and the world was to take delight in seeing all human beings, God the Parent's children live joyously in high spirits, while respecting and helping one another as brothers and sisters. Therefore, it goes without saying that the mind of hatred does not measure up to God the Parent's intention.

This dust may arise when, for example, one misconstrues the advice or counseling someone has offered out of genuine concern. One may take it in the wrong spirit and end up being hateful to the person.

This dust may also arise when one takes offense at the person who makes a mistake rather than at the mistake itself. We are also cautioned against gossiping while slandering others and finding humor in it. These are also examples of this dust.

The mind of hatred could be thought of as a mind that militates against life. The mind of hatred is not capable of serving or nurturing life.

Another example of this dust might be found in class struggle. In Japan during the 1970s, the hatred toward financiers and business executives due to the lack of consideration toward their employees' feelings led to harsh words and actions. It is necessary to urge people of both classes to reflect on their ways of thinking and conduct. Otherwise, biased views will reinforce class-consciousness and hatred between classes, misleading the people into thinking that the only way to achieve what they call "victory" is to resort to force or violence.

The same could be said for the case of ethnic groups and nations searching for solutions to problems. In some cases, we see groups going out of their way to instigate conflicts with outside groups with a view to arousing hatred to achieve personal and political gains.

Are human beings, children of God the Parent, so pitiful that the only way we can treat one another is with animosity?

We can find solutions to problems through discussion that comes from true sincerity whereby we can respect and help one another in an amiable spirit grounded in universal brotherhood. When such a way of solving problems is established, we as members of this global family will be able to actualize true happiness in our lives.

The dust of "hatred" is something all of us must hasten to rid ourselves of.