Eternal Truth (Matsudai no Ri)

by Yoshikazu Fukaya

In previous entries I have discussed the importance of contributing and dedicating our sincerity. I have also written that it is precisely the efforts of true sincerity--the efforts we contribute with a mind of sincerity, a sense of joy at being kept alive, and a wish to make repayment for the gift of life--that will provide us with the joy of a single seed multiplying ten thousandfold.

These seeds of sincerity do not sprout buds immediately after they are sown. Even among seeds that are sown at the same time in the same field, some sprout buds more quickly than others. It hardly need be mentioned that such buds do not immediately bear fruit. Rather, the buds will weather the rain and wind as they grow. They will require attentive care such as applying fertilizer as well as weeding and, above all, need to be nurtured by the divine providence of fire and water, until, at last, we savor the great joy of harvest with the arrival of the seasonable time. This is the sight of the spontaneity of nature or the truth of heaven in action. It must be said that to complain or to become disheartened at not being able to immediately reap fruits reflects an ignorance of the workings of the truth of heaven and the profound parental love of God the Parent. To do so amounts to digging up the dirt in the field where we sowed the seeds, wondering in frustration when the buds will sprout and grow. Doing this will not only prevent buds from growing, but also will ruin the seeds we took pains to sow.

God the Parent instructs us as follows:

The truth of your contribution, the truth of your work, is a truth that will last for a lifetime and for eternity.

Osashizu, March 3, 1904

The truth of your contribution is a truth that will last far into the future, for eternity. You human beings feel insecure because you think in terms of a single lifetime. This truth is for eternity. Listen carefully and understand this, as well as firmly settle it in your mind. I have accepted the truth of your contribution as a truth that will last far into the future and for eternity.

Osashizu, December 31, 1904

It is often difficult for us human beings to think past the life we are currently living. However, we are taught that each time we are reborn, our souls will borrow a new body in much the same way as we put on a new set of clothes and that our souls will thus endure for endless generations (see "Passing Away for Rebirth" [5.54]). Families also continue for eternity through the process of parents becoming children, and children becoming parents. The enjoyment reaped from a self-seeking way of life that merely seeks enjoyment and benefit for oneself is momentary and does not last. Our efforts of true sincerity that we contribute and dedicate for the sake of others do not only last for a short human lifetime. These efforts are accepted by God the Parent as seeds that will never decay or become ruined for all generations to come and that will guarantee a joyous harvest. Such efforts will allow God to guarantee a life of joy until our grandchildren's generation and beyond. Let us, while leaning on the parental heart that guides for eternity, spiritedly offer our utmost sincerity to serve others and the path.