"I Bring You Together and Protect You according to Your Causality"
(Innen yosete shugo suru)

by Yoshikazu Fukaya

As explained in earlier entries on "causality," God the Parent discerns the personal causality we each possess and provides us with our current reality based on it. This reality is manifested physically through the body as well as through the circumstances we are involved in. We are connected with a diverse array of people in our everyday lives: our spouse, parents, children, siblings, relatives, neighbors, acquaintances at work, people we pass by on the street, and so on. God the Parent discerns the causality we each possess and matches us together in complex and subtle ways. Oyasama taught us this with the words "I bring you together and protect you according to your causality."

We must ask ourselves: Is there anyone out there who specifically chose to be born to their parents? Is there a parent out there who chose and gave birth to the type of child they wanted to have? Setting aside the question of adopted children and marriage partners, neither parents nor their children were in any position to state their preference of who they wished to have as their children or parents. Even in the case of adoption and marriage, where we normally believe we have freedom of choice, we must acknowledge we come into those relationships through the profound intention of God the Parent, who not only prepares the means through which we come to meet the would-be adoptees and spouses but also guides us so that we will chose them over others. We are born in the family and to our birth parents because of God the Parent's profound intention that temporarily entrusted us in their care. We are taught that adopted children and married people have returned to the families to which they have an intimate causality, namely, their adoptive families or their spouse's families, respectively.

There are various ways in which God the Parent matches and brings us together with the people in our lives--our spouse, parents, children, siblings, and others--after discerning the causality we each possess. There are cases where people with the exact same personality are brought together. Then there are examples of God the Parent matching people who are to cooperate and complement each other like a needle and thread or who are to play completely different roles like scissors and glue while engaging with each other in order to create something new. We can also find examples of people who were matched together not unlike a knife and a whetstone, which may at first appear to be a hurtful relationship, but in fact helps the people in question to hone and improve themselves. Finally, there are cases where we are matched with someone in order to make up for our causality from a previous life or for the purpose of repaying our indebtedness to God the Parent's protection.

Whatever the case may be, we are not to express discontent at or run away from the reality God the Parent provided for us. It is most important for us to perceive God the Parent's deep parental love that brings us together and protects us as well as discovering the joy and hope within the reality we have been provided.