The path of each individual, each person (Ichimei ichinin no michi)

by Yoshikazu Fukaya

In the Ofudesaki, we read:

Even between parent and child, husband and wife, and brothers and sisters: their minds all differ from one another.

Ofudesaki V:8

The verse indicates that even parents and children, husband and wife, and brothers and sisters living under the same roof all have their different ways of thinking and perceiving matters as each individual has his or her own mind.

I imagine that you know from experience that there are differences in personalities, likes, and dislikes even among the children of the same parents. God the Parent instructs: "Human beings are all God's children. You may assume that everyone has the same mind, but due to your use of the mind over many lifetimes (See "Passing away for rebirth" [5.54]), everyone is born with their own causality (See [5.13]). Thus, even parents and children, and brothers and sisters, do not have the same truths of the mind; everyone's mind is different" (See Osashizu, August 9, 1890).

Further, God the Parent teaches us: "As the mind is something that belongs to each individual, each person, settling the mind has nothing to do with conforming to what others are doing. Trying to settle the mind would be meaningless unless the person in question truly understands. What God the Parent truly accepts among the states of mind of each person is sincerity alone. It is not necessary for the sincere mind to consult with anyone. When the mind is truly settled so that the mind remains unaffected by whatever others may say, then it has sincerity" (See Osashizu, April 16, 1890).

The manner in which we use our mind will ultimately be reflected to us ourselves. Even among siblings, some may find many sources of joy one after another while others may go down paths of darkness and sadness. No matter how hard the people around us may try to shield and protect us, ultimately there are paths that we must each walk as an individual. Surely, there are times when we are able to pass through life due to being supported by the merit of our parents and sincerity of our families. However, we end up undermining our prospects unless we ourselves dedicate an amount of sincerity that God the Parent truly accepts. Certainly, there are times when the sincerity of our family or others around us helps open our eyes to self-reflection. The issue will then be how we settle our mind and live our life thereafter. It is important that we maintain the mind of true sincerity as we walk our respective paths as individuals.