Fire, Water, Wind (Hi mizu kaze)

by Yoshikazu Fukaya

The phrase "fire, water, wind" is often evoked to describe the blessings of God the Parent in action.

Fire is the providence of Omotari-no-Mikoto (the Sun).

Water is the providence of Kunitokotachi-no-Mikoto (the Moon).

Oyasama taught the complete providence of God the Parent by describing it in ten aspects and by giving each aspect a sacred name (refer to "Ten Aspects of the Complete Providence" [5.62]). She also taught that among the ten aspects, Kunitokotachi-no-Mikoto and Omotari-no-Mikoto are the most direct manifestations of Tsukihi (Moon-Sun) or God the Parent, who is God of Origin, God in Truth.

Fire and water, warmth and moisture, the Sun and the Moon, earth and heaven, day and night, light and shadow--while all these may appear to be pairs of opposing extremes, every form of life is sustained by these opposites complementing each other and uniting into one. This process of two opposing forces uniting into one is often described in Tenrikyo as "oneness in two" (futatsu-hitotsu).

Fire and water, warmth and moisture: these elements comprise the foundation of our life. We can say that the blessings of fire and water fill our bodies and the natural environment that surrounds us.

Furthermore, we can also say that wind is one of the manifestations of fire and water working together and acting as one. The providence of wind is connected with the providence of breathing. Needless to say, without breathing our life cannot be sustained. This applies even to the strongest muscle man and the fairest maiden.

However, God the Parent's blessings of fire, water, and wind, which pervade, embrace, and sustain our life, do not always remain in a calm and gentle state. There are times when God's working of fire burns down several thousand homes in the form of an inferno, when water sweeps through towns and cities in the form of a flood, or when wind intensifies into a violent hurricane. Nevertheless, when a crucial moment is at hand, God's extraordinary blessings, which are far beyond human strength and imagination, will be shown in a vivid manner to provide protection. Such are God the Parent's workings, which we seek to express by the phrase "fire, water, wind."