Upholding Human Obligations at the Cost of Neglecting God's Truth
(Ningen no giri o tate te Kami no ri o kaku)

by Yoshikazu Fukaya

In the Divine Directions, God the Parent makes a point of telling us:

[U]pholding social obligations at the cost of neglecting God's truth cannot be said to be following God's path.

Osashizu, October 17, 1893

This path was not created by human beings or by human wisdom and power, much less opened by upholding human obligations. The path was opened and has up until now been maintained solely by God the Parent's intention and providence. In several Divine Directions, God the Parent says in effect: "If you allow yourself to be caught up in social obligations when discussing and advancing things related to this path and, consequently, fail to consistently uphold God the Parent's intention, you may cause problems. God dislikes social obligations. No human obligations are necessary." (cf. Osashizu, October 5, 1888; April 27, 1890; October 1, 1890; January 29, 1891; November 13, 1891.)

In other Divine Directions, instead of rejecting human obligations outright God the Parent notes how humans value them but goes on to emphasize the need to prioritize upholding God's intention, saying, in effect: "You may say that there would be chaos were it not for the human obligations you honor among one another. That may be true to some extent. Yet, such obligations, related only to the person and occasion concerned, are superficial matters. What must be upheld, above all else, is God the Parent's intention, for it is God the Parent's providence that sustains this path and the world. If you commit yourselves to living in accord with God the Parent's intention, everything will settle thoroughly. It does no good to give priority to human obligations every time you face a new situation. Even if you feel you should uphold social obligations, you cannot do so when you are suffering from illness. What can you ultimately rely on when you lose your bodily functions? The most important thing is to live in accord with God the Parent's intention."

Taking one of the typical cases where people can be swayed by human obligations and sentiment, a Divine Direction delivered on June 21, 1890, refers to "relatives," saying, "There is no such thing as relatives on the path of single-heartedness with God." Another passage explains, in effect: "World salvation will not advance if you are swayed by human obligations or sentiment based on family ties. God is never influenced by family ties. Only when you follow the path of difficulties and hardships living up to God the Parent's intentions can God give you a weighty responsibility" (See Osashizu, January 28, 1891).

From God the Parent's point of view, all human beings in the world are the beloved children and thus we are all brothers and sisters. There is no one who should be called an outsider. Those of us who have been drawn to the path are known as "brothers and sisters among brothers and sisters." It is, therefore, of paramount importance to pursue a truly sincere way of life based on the teachings by encouraging one another without getting distracted by human obligations.