"Path of Natural Spontaneity"
(Tennen shizen no michi)

This universe was created and has been sustained by God the Parent. Human beings, who are part of the universe, are also included in that statement. The creation and sustenance of the universe is due entirely to the workings of God, and this world is governed in exact accord with God's providence. In this sense, all things and events that occur in the world embody God's intention. Yet human beings' lack of knowledge of this--coupled with the freedom of the mind granted to humanity--leads them to try to assert control over the world by drawing on their strength alone. In contrast to such human attitudes and behavior, the term under discussion in this article is meant to imply that the world owes its creation and sustenance to God, who has a profound intention in governing it. "Natural spontaneity," which is thus contrasted with human agency, is intended to remind human beings that God is constantly at work behind all there is.

If interpreted in a narrow sense as referring to Tenrikyo, the term may imply that its teachings came into being, not through human thinking or strength, but through God's own intention and workings.

Says a Divine Direction:

Single-hearted salvation comes from the path of natural spontaneity. On the path of natural spontaneity, it will not do to care only about your family or yourself. The path of natural spontaneity is called natural spontaneity because it is to be followed at length. Following the path of natural spontaneity entails going through a path of hardship, so I speak of delight that lies ahead.

Osashizu, August 17, 1888

(This article was first published in the May 2006 issue of TENRIKYO.)