"Mind of Sincerity"(Shinjitsu no kokoro)

The term refers to what may be called the true mind. It is used frequently in the Scriptures and Tenrikyo authors' writings explaining the teachings.

According to Tenrikyo, humans are children of God, and human minds partake of God's mind. Thus, even if a human mind seems to be covered in "dust," its true nature is that which is one with God's mind. This is what is referred to by the term "mind of sincerity." God and Oyasama desire humans to quickly awaken to the mind of sincerity or the sincere mind, as indicated by such scriptural passages as these:

According to your mind of sincerity, I deny My protection to no one, whoever you may be.

Ofudesaki IV:95

Tsukihi desires you to have a sincere mind because I wish to train you in all matters.

Ofudesaki X:65

Sah, sah, if there is the true mind, the world will settle, I say. If there always is the mind of true sincerity, it will bring a settling to families. The truth of natural spontaneity is found wherever sincerity is.

Osashizu, December 7, 1888

(This article was first published in the October 2008 issue of TENRIKYO.)