An Anthology of Osashizu Translations

The new publication entitled An Anthology of Osashizu Translations
A new book being published this month by the Overseas Department--An Anthology of Osashizu Translations--seeks to present in a single volume the body of work that has accumulated over the years on the translation of the Osashizu, The Divine Directions. The book is designed to make it easy to see which parts of this Scripture are available in English translation.

Its dual-language, parallel-text format allows for easy comparison of translations with their originals, and its copious footnotes indicate where the translations have previously been cited so as to help the reader see the quoted Divine Directions in context. The 451-page volume also includes English and Japanese indexes.

Unofficial translations--that is, ones that have yet to be officially approved by the Department of Doctrine and Historical Materials--are marked with an asterisk (*). Those that have partially been approved by that department are marked with a dagger (†). The editors' intention in presenting the unauthorized translations in this volume, according to the preface, "is not only to make available the translations we believe to be useful to our readers but also to invite suggestions on how to improve upon them. Any feedback, therefore, would be appreciated."

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