This book is a collection of all our English translations of the Shinbashira's speeches that were published during this past decade leading up to the 110th Anniversary of Oyasama.* Included are sermons he delivered at the Spring and Autumn Grand Services, and addresses he gave at the conventions of Tenrikyo Women's Association and Tenrikyo Young Men's Association.

Originally, these translations appeared separately in TENRIKYO, Michi no Dai: Foundation of the Path, and Arakitoryo: Pioneers of the Path. These have now been compiled into the present book to be published in commemoration of the 110th Anniversary of Oyasama. In compiling this book, corrections and minor revisions were made where necessary.

It is hoped that the readers will use this book to provide themselves with direction in their quest for spiritual growth.

--from Foreword

* This book was first published on January 26, 1996.

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