Tenrikyo Hinokishin Day

50 Years of Hinokishin Day Overseas

Tenrikyo Hinokishin Day was first held overseas during the season of the 70th Anniversary of Oyasama over 50 years ago. Hinokishin Day is now held annually on five continents and has seen an increase in both participants and site locations throughout the world. This year, there are plans to hold Hinokishin Day at approximately 120 sites in 28 countries by early June. As of May 6, Hinokishin Day had already taken place in 14 countries and regions, with nearly 2,800 participants expressing their joy and gratitude in the spirit of hinokishin.

Participants raking leaves in Aclimação Park in São Paulo, Brazil (Apr. 29)


In Brazil, Hinokishin Day was observed in five districts on April 29 and in 16 districts on May 1, a national holiday. A total of 1,775 people participated in hinokishin activities at these sites.

Ipiranga Independence Memorial Park had been the site of Hinokshin Day in the São Paulo district for more than 20 years but, because it coincided with a state-sponsored event this year, the site was abruptly changed to Aclimação Park in central São Paulo. Despite this, Hinokishin Day went smoothly with 850 people participating.

In Paraná district II, Hinokishin Day had been held annually at a nature park called Parque Ingá for more than 30 years, which allowed the citizens of Paranúa to be more than familiar with the word "hinokishin." In recent years, there has been an increase of participants from the general public at this site. Out of the 105 participants this year, about 20% were non-Tenrikyo volunteers.

Boys and Girls Association members making crafts as hinokishin at Honolulu Zoo in Hawaii (May 5)

U.S. (Mainland and Hawaii)

Hinokishin Day was held in the U.S. between April 29 and May 6. At four locations in California, participants helped clean parks and streets. In New York, eight followers donated blood at a hospital in Queens.

In Hawaii, 99 participants gathered at Honolulu Zoo on May 5. Followers mainly engaged in cleanup activities in the zoo. In addition, members of the Boys and Girls Association helped make crafts for an upcoming zoo event.

Participants listening to a message from the Director-in-Chief of Administrative Affairs before engaging in hinokishin activities at Hyde Park in London (Apr. 29)


Hinokishin Day was held in Lyons, France, as well as London and Leeds, UK, on April 29. To commemorate the 20th year of Hinokishin Day in London, a purple T-shirt reading "Tenrikyo Global Hinokishin Day" was made and provided for participants. Followers and friends of the path engaging in cleanup at Hyde Park were stopped by several passers-by who saw the shirts, thus allowing participants to give explanations of Tenrikyo and hinokishin.


In South and East Asia, Hinokishin Day was observed on April 29 at 11 sites in four countries.

In Taiwan, a reporter from a Buddhist newspaper came to cover the event in Sinying City, where followers cleaned a park. An article on the hinokishin activity appeared in its pages a few days later.

In South Korea, Ulsan district, a district that was newly formed this March, held its first Hinokishin Day at Hakseong Park with 28 participants.

In the Philippines, Hinokishin Day was held at a tricycle terminal in Santa Rosa City. ("Tricycle" is a name for motorcycles with a sidecar used like taxis for short-distant travel.) At one point 10 tricycle drivers were seen helping with the hinokishin activity.