Information about Tenrikyo

Tenrikyo came into existence on October 26, 1838, when God the Parent, Tenri-O-no-Mikoto, became revealed through Oyasama, Miki Nakayama, to save all humankind. God the Parent is the original and true Parent who not only created humankind but has nurtured and protected human beings ever since.

God the Parent created humankind so that by seeing us live the Joyous Life, God could share in our joy. The living of the Joyous Life is, therefore, the purpose of our existence. Since God the Parent is our Parent, we are all God’s children, and thus we should realize that we are all brothers and sisters.

We are taught that our bodies are borrowed from God the Parent and only our minds belong to us and, by the proper use of our minds, we will be able to live the Joyous Life.

Why then are we beset by illness, anxiety, troubles, and misfortunes? The reason is that—unaware of the existence of God the Parent and the divine providence which enables us to be alive—we imagine that we live by our own power, thereby getting ourselves caught up in self-centered thinking. It is this mistaken use of our minds that manifests itself as illness and misfortunes.

Tenrikyo teaches that any thoughts that differ from God’s intention can be regarded as mistaken. Comparing such thoughts to dust, Tenrikyo encourages us to sweep away any accumulated dust daily.

Our troubles can also be seen as “divine guidance,” whereby God the Parent alerts us to our mistaken thinking and seeks to awaken us to the divine intention, thereby guiding us toward the Joyous Life. Through divine guidance, which flows from God’s parental love, we can reflect upon the daily use of our minds and change it to accord with the intention of God the Parent.

Trusting completely in the providence of God the Parent, we are able to maintain a joyous perception in all circumstances, remaining spirited even when faced with illness or other troubles. This way of affirming all things with contentment is taught as “joyous acceptance.”

We were created by God the Parent and are able to live by the divine providence. By settling this truth in our minds, we can truly experience the joy of living. We can then express this joy in our daily lives through selfless and thankful action known as hinokishin. Leading our lives in the spirit of hinokishin, we should work to save others in accord with the teaching of universal brotherhood as taught by God the Parent.

We should strive each day to sweep away our dust and dedicate ourselves in hinokishin with our minds settled in joyous acceptance. If all of us throughout the world make a sincere effort to understand and help one another, then God the Parent will accept our minds of sincerity and manifest free and unlimited workings.

Tenrikyo has spread throughout Japan and also to many other countries in the world. By sharing our faith in God the Parent with others, we are constantly working to bring peace to the world.

Tenrikyo Church Headquarters is located in the city of Tenri, in central Japan. It is built around Jiba, the place where humankind was created by God the Parent and which is, therefore, the home of all humankind. Jiba is also the place where the Service for universal salvation is performed.

Besides organizing pilgrimages, festivals, and conventions, Tenrikyo Church Headquarters offers lectures and courses for spiritual development in its endeavor to maintain the path to the Joyous Life. It has also established seminaries, a library, museum, general hospital, and a comprehensive educational system ranging from kindergarten to university.