Follower corps returning to Jiba from various locations

There is one month left this year—the year in which Oyasama’s 130th Anniversary Service was performed. The previous year was the final year of the pre-anniversary, where the followers strove to finish up their endeavors. Many directly supervised churches organized Besseki pilgrimage groups, resulting in 96,944 people and attending the Besseki lectures during that year. In order to keep the momentum to provide care and guidance to those who attended the Besseki, many churches organized Besseki pilgrimage groups this year as well. During the weekend of the November monthly service, many churches made pilgrimages to Jiba and the Home of the Parent was lively with many followers. There were a total of 4,108 followers who attended the Besseki lectures between the 23rd and 27th. The 27th alone had 2,021 followers attending the lecture—which was the most this year.