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  • Updated : : 2012-11-10 2:42 am

    The Tenrikyo Young Men’s Association held their 88th Convention in the Inner Courtyard of Church Headquarters on October 27

  • Updated : : 2012-11-10 2:38 am

    The Autumn Grand Service of the 175th year of the teachings, led by the Shinbashira, was held on October 26.

  • Updated : : 2012-11-10 2:19 am

    Oka Grand Church held a “Health and Life Revitalization Hinokishin Corps” on August 28  in Minamisoma City, Fukushima Prefecture, of Eastern Japan.

  • Updated : : 2012-11-10 12:22 am

    On September 9 through 11, many prominent religious figures from around the globe gathered at the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo, to make a prayer for peace.

  • Updated : : 2012-08-27 1:50 am

    Twenty-five members of the Students Association of Taiwan held their annual summer Students’ Pilgrimage to Jiba starting on August 16.

  • Updated : : 2012-08-13 4:03 am

    The 2012 Children’s Pilgrimage to Jiba came to a close on August 4.

  • Updated : : 2012-07-23 1:38 am

    The 2012 Oyasato Seminar—which, hosted in the summer by the Overseas Department, teaches high-school-age participants from overseas about the teachings of Oyasama at the Home of the Parent—began on July 10.

  • Updated : : 2012-07-11 2:54 am

    On July 1, Tenrikyo Young Men’s Association conducted the Heart Clean Campaign Action Day at approximately 260 venues across Japan.

  • Updated : : 2012-06-16 2:25 am

    Beginning on May 29, the Tohoku and Hokkaido bloc of Tenrikyo Disaster Relief Hinokishin Corps (TDRHC) assisted in the recovery effort in Miyagi Prefecture in place of its regular training camp.

  • Updated : : 2012-05-24 5:26 am

    On May 6, the last day of the Golden Week holiday, tornadoes struck three areas in Ibaraki and Tochigi prefectures.

    The tornado that struck Tsukuba City, Ibaraki, caused disruptions in traffic and electric power and water supplies, in addition to killing one person, injuring 40, and damaging over 1,300 buildings.

    In response to a request from the Osuna District of Tsukuba City, the Ibaraki Diocese Disaster Relief Hinokishin Corps (DRHC) immediately contacted DRHC Headquarters in Tenri. DRHC Headquarters Leader Yuichi Tanaka went to the scene, set up camp, and made the decision to dispatch a unit comprised of members from nearby dioceses.

    On May 14, the unit comprised of members of Ibaraki, Kanagawa, and Tochigi diocese corps was dispatched to the scene. A total of 191 members assisted in the recovery work underway in rice fields and orchards over three days.

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