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  • Updated : : 2014-08-29 2:31 am

    This year’s Children’s Pilgrimage to Jiba was held from July 26th to August 4th under the theme “Filled with Joy! Hinokishin!”During the 10-day period, the total number of children and adults that returned to the Home of the Parent was 238,598, exceeding last year’s total attendance by almost 5,000.

    At the various event sites, beaming smiles of children were seen everywhere, as they enjoyed the fun activities and entertainment that have become synonymous with summer at Jiba. Through attending this Children’s Pilgrimage, the participants learned the teachings and values of helping one another and having a heart full of gratitude.

  • Updated : : 2014-08-29 2:30 am

    Oyasato Seminar, a program aimed at nurturing high-school age overseas followers, began on July 10th, with 52 participants (English Course I: 12, Course III: 12, Portuguese Course: 21, Chinese Course: 7). The English and Chinese courses concluded on the 25th, and the Portuguese course on the 27th.

    Also, the Korean Course was held from August 3rd to 15th; a total of 11 students attended.

  • Updated : : 2014-06-27 6:18 am

    The third Shinbashira, Zenye Nakayama, passed away for rebirth on June 24 at the age of 81. The funeral will be held on Sunday, July 6, at noon in Kitaoji-jokojo (the bus loading and unloading area, just east of Tenri Kyoko Gakuen High School, on the north side of Kitaoji boulevard) in the Home of the Parent.

  • Updated : : 2014-06-04 12:56 am

    On April 29, Tenrikyo Hinokishin Day was observed overseas and all over Japan under the theme, “Taking advantage of this seasonable time, let’s sow seeds of sincerity.” Followers engaged in hinokishin activities joyously in many parts of the world.

  • Updated : : 2014-06-04 12:55 am

    On April 19, the day after the Oyasama Birth Celebration Service, the 96th Women’s Association Convention was held in the Inner Courtyard of Tenrikyo Church Headquarters, drawing approximately 46,000 participants. At the convention, Women’s Association President Harue Nakayama and the Shinbashira addressed association members, who have aimed for spiritual growth to become the foundation of the path as they follow the association’s activity guidelines in the second year of the pre-anniversary season.

  • Updated : : 2014-06-04 12:54 am

    In commemoration of the 216th birthday of the everliving Oyasama, the Oyasama Birth Celebration Service was conducted on April 18 in the Main Sanctuary of Tenrikyo Church Headquarters with the Shinbashira presiding. Approximately 65,000 pilgrims from across Japan and overseas returned to Jiba for the event.

    After the Service, the “Joyous Chorus”, a singing musical performance to celebrate Oyasama’s birthday, was held in the Inner Courtyard. Cheerful singing of the children of the path filled the Sanctuary precincts.

  • Updated : : 2013-12-20 1:46 am

    Tenrikyo Mission Headquarters in Taiwan held the “80th Anniversary Commemorative Pep Rally” on November 23 in Taipei. There were about 500 followers affiliated with Mission Headquarters that gathered for this event. On that day, Honbu jun’in Chutaro Yamanaka, deputy vice director of Ikoi-no-ie Hospital, gave a commemorative speech. Later, the Taiwan Drum and Fife Corps treated the crowd the crowd with various performances. The attendees further pledged to be even more active in preparation for next year’s 80th Anniversary of the Mission Headquarters in Taiwan and Oyasama’s 130th Anniversary two years from now.

    The followers gathering for the pep rally.

  • Updated : : 2013-11-18 1:00 am

    On October 27th, the day after the Autumn Grand Service, the 89th Young Men’s Association Convention was held in the Inner Courtyard of Church Headquarters. Blessed with clear autumn weather, about 27,000 members filled the Inner Courtyard. At the convention, the Young Men’s Association President, the Shinbashira, requested that during this season, the members should maintain the spirit of single-heartedness with God and work in unity of mind to achieve the goals that respective directly supervised chapters set so that they can be a driving force for anniversary-related activities.

  • Updated : : 2013-11-15 7:34 am

    On October 24, Daisuke Nakayama was named the successor-designate to the Shinbashira unanimously at a meeting of Honbu-in (Church Headquarters executive staff members). On the 26th, after the Autumn Grand Service, Director-in-Chief of Religious Affairs Hiroaki Yamazawa made an announcement regarding the decision to the officials of Church Headquarters, head ministers of directly supervised churches, diocese superintendents, and members of the Assembly at the Church Headquarters Assembly Hall. This past April, he was adopted by the Shinbashira and Mrs. Nakayama. Being the successor-designate, on the 26th he participated in the Kagura Service for the first time by playing the gong.

    Director-in-Chief of Religious Affairs Hiroaki Yamazawa commented:

    “It is a great pleasure for us, who follow this path with the Shinbashira as the core, to have Mr. Daisuke Nakayama settled as the successor-designate to the Shinbashira. In the season leading up to the 130th Anniversary of Oyasama, we would like to let this joy help us become ever more spirited and to conduct pre-anniversary activities in unity of mind.”

    Daisuke Nakayama’s Profile

    Daisuke Nakayama was born on January 23, 1991, as the first son of Honbu-in Zensuke Nakata and his wife Michiko. He received the truth of the Sazuke on January 11, 2009, and graduated from Tenri High School in February of the same year. He graduated from Kansai University as a policy studies major in March 2013 and, on the 4th of the following month, he was adopted by the Shinbashira and Mrs. Nakayama as their son in a ceremony conducted in the Foundress’ Sanctuary.

  • Updated : : 2013-11-09 1:36 am

    Followers from all over gather for the Autumn Grand Service

    The Autumn Grand Service was conducted on October 26, 2013, with the Shinbashira Zenji Nakayama serving as the chief officiant. Despite the remnants of Typhoon Francisco leaving sprinkles until the start of the Service, many Yoboku and followers returned to the Home of the Parent in commemoration of the founding of the Teachings to attend this autumn’s Grand Service.

    After the reading of the Service prayer, the Kagura Service and the Dance with Hand Movements were performed joyously, as the worshipers who filled the worship halls and the church precincts harmoniously sang the Songs for the Service with their minds in unison. The Shinbashira’s sermon that followed passionately and repeatedly instructed all Yoboku and followers how they should be progressing towards Oyasama’s 130th Anniversary, which will be observed in two years and three months.

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