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  • Updated : : 2017-11-22 7:08 am

    The 50th memorial service for the second Shinbashira, Shozen Nakayama, was solemnly observed on November 14 at Church Headquarters with the Shinbashira presiding as the chief officiant. Attending the ceremony were members of the Nakayama family and their relatives, Church Headquarters’ resident staff, head ministers of directly supervised churches, diocese superintendents, general church head ministers, Yoboku, and other followers.

  • Updated : : 2017-11-22 7:06 am

    On November 5, Tenrikyo Mission Center in the Philippines held a service commemorating the 30th anniversary of its founding. With Overseas Department Head Zenkichi Tanaka attending as a guest of honor, 142 followers gathered for the occasion from across the country. They pledged to devote themselves to the further expansion of the path in the Philippines.

  • Updated : : 2017-11-13 1:24 am

    On October 27, the 93rd Tenrikyo Young Men’s Association Convention was held in the Inner Courtyard of Church Headquarters, drawing some 11,000 people from all parts of Japan as well as overseas. In his address, President Daisuke Nakayama made an announcement of a plan to hold next year’s convention as the 100th Anniversary Convention—which is scheduled for Sunday, October 28 in hopes that as many people as possible will attend.

  • Updated : : 2017-11-13 1:23 am

    After the evening service on October 26, a special event to celebrate the marriage of Successor-Designate Daisuke Nakayama and his wife, Nobue, was held in the area in front of the East Worship Hall.

  • Updated : : 2017-11-08 6:02 am

    On October 26, the Autumn Grand Service commemorating the Teaching’s day of origin was performed in the Main Sanctuary of Tenrikyo Church Headquarters with the Shinbashira presiding as chief officiant. Approximately 76,000 Yoboku and followers from both within and outside Japan attended the Service.

  • Updated : : 2017-10-13 1:38 am

    This year’s Tenrikyo Nioigake Day was observed between September 28 and 30. During the three-day period, followers actively engaged in missionary activities, such as handing out pamphlets, giving roadside speeches, and doing door-to-door missionary work, in various parts of the country.

  • Updated : : 2017-09-25 4:45 am

    On September 1, the wedding ceremony of Successor-Designate Daisuke Nakayama, 26, and Nobue Kamikawa, 28, was duly conducted at the Foundress’ Sanctuary. A great number of Yoboku and followers gathered in the Home of the Parent blessed with a cloudless blue sky to celebrate the occasion.

  • Updated : : 2017-09-25 4:25 am

    The first session of the Seminar for Successors was held in Jiba, the Home of the Parent, between August 28 and 30 with an attendance of 1,114 men and women. It has been 10 years since the Seminar for Successors was last held. Under the theme “Implementing the Joyous Life in the Course of Daily Life,” the seminar this time is designed to provide opportunities for participants to develop their abilities to lead a life of faith joyously and spiritedly every day and make steady progress in their spiritual growth that leads to the Joyous Life. The seminar is being held until March 2018 for a total of 25 sessions.

  • Updated : : 2017-08-18 6:02 am

    Tenrikyo Church Headquarters hosted the Children’s Pilgrimage to Jiba between July 26 and August 4 under the theme “Spreading smiles! Help each other!” For this annual summer festival, a total of 231,012 children and adult leaders returned to Jiba.

  • Updated : : 2017-08-15 2:07 am

    On July 9, the Shinbashira, his wife, and Successor-Designate Daisuke Nakayama attended the service commemorating the 20th anniversary of Tenrikyo Oceania Centre, located in Brisbane, Australia. The commemorative service attracted some 160 people not only from the three largest cities in Australia—Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney—but also from the New Zealand city of Auckland, which is approximately 2,300 kilometers (1,429 mi.) away. With the Shinbashira’s words etched in their hearts, local followers renewed their pledge to devote themselves to the further expansion of the path in Oceania.

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